Colonialism In Africa Essay

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The craftiness of colonialism on Africa changed its history forever but there were good and bad effects because they built schools and improved medical care but they also had segregated benefits and resource drainage.

During the colonization period in Africa there really was not many positive impacts of colonialism on Africa except modernization. Colonialism took modernization to regions of the world that were technologically undeveloped. Modernization plans contained stuff like building railroads for accessible trade, required medical advancements and schools accommodating a more modern education. These approaches supported inexperienced nations straighten out their universal status as midpoints for trade. The improvements to education gave a chance for immigrant students to compete with foreign students in fields such as literature, art, math and science. One other thing that had a positive impact on colonialism was taking poor traditions from countries to an end. During the development of colonialism, the governing nation had the capability to improve or destroy certain social beliefs of the region. For example, once India got colonized, the long lasting practice of Sati was destroyed in India. Ian Smith is right with what he says because if there was no colonialism, Africa would not be modernized and would not be able to keep up with other countries in the world. Some other positive things they left behind were things like roads, railroads, some Hospitals and also schools had been built for the good of the colonizers but when they left basically nobody knew how to run them. Another positive impact of colonialism on Africa was that the colonial powers brought in a productive system of administration in the country. It gave...

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...t cooked up a scarcity in the mineral richness of Africa. This was a disadvantage for the countries of Africa of its raw materials. There was no chance for Africa to develop and be in competition with the world since they were in rivalry with Europe.
In conclusion, all of these effects might not seem like there so severe and negative however, they all had pretty big part in bringing together the African culture. The warfare that came forth with the Imperialism left unfathomable scars in the nation of Africa, which caused racial obstruction and social distinctions. The cruel treatment of the Imperialist westerners concerning the African laborers are unspeakable and are once and for all, the ideas that the westerners had captured to Africa during the Imperialist era do not dominate the expense of African lives which were given up for European industries.
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