Effects Of Colonialism In Africa

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Prior to the ‘Scramble for Africa’, African economies were making great advancement in every area, particularly trade. European intervention has caused the development of African nations, to regress rather than progress. European influence still has long lasting effects on African nations especially on its economic relations. The effects of the European intervention how it affected the growth and development of Africa, its positive viewpoints and how it affected the culture of the nations will be discussed in subsequent paragraphs.
To begin with, European colonization hindered the natural growth and development of African nations. The Europeans who came to colonize Africa used the Bible and the belief that Africans were inferior to the Europeans
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To truly consider if colonization helped develop or destroy African nations, one must consider if the effects of colonization was truly worth it and if the results of it justify the means. Did Africa’s economic state become better or worse after colonialism? The after effects of colonization left African states in poverty for many years afterward. The African economy that had been largely dependent on trade with the Europeans had suddenly lost its crutch, they had been largely focused on their agricultural sectors and use of natural resources but had not been developed in others. The African economic development that should have taken centuries was sped up, they no longer had the chance to develop naturally and were forced to try to compensate in the other areas they lacked in development such as technology and manufacturing. “Although a number of African states have considerable natural resources, few have the finances to develop their economies” Africa’s post independence looked nothing like when it would have in the absence of colonialism. Many of the blacks were also culturally displaced after the abolishment of slave trade, after generations of individuals had been born to slave trade many of them did not know where home was- they did not know which part of Africa they came from or did not have sufficient funds to return. As a consequence of colonialism, Africa is now a mix of people, languages and religious customs. Today, many blacks suffer from an identity crisis, being discriminated against for mixed blood or simply for being black. They are faced with the fact of not knowing who they are and where they come from. With the introduction of western culture and urbanization, the modern day youth in Africa are more familiar with the English language than they are with their own mother
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