College Is The Only Way

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Many Americans believe college is the only way in which one can obtain success. If a college student is asked why they chose to go to college, the most likely answer would be that they want to get the best job possible and to make the most money. According to Liberal Education, “85.9 percent of entering students said that “to be able to get a better job” was the number-one reason they were pursuing college degrees” (Humphreys, 6). This answer is based on the idea that students will get a great job out of college and will earn a lot more money because college students want more for themselves. On top of wanting to achieve a better job, college students also want to earn a better education. Having deep expertise in one field of study in addition to a little bit about a broad array of interests makes it easier to for college students to get a job. Looking back at the Liberal Education study, “Nearly 83 percent in this same survey reported, however, that they also went to college ‘to learn more about things that interest me’” (Humphreys, 6). Learning more things that are of interest helps students in the end become more successful because they are more marketable. In order to understand if going to college will make one more successful, it’s important to figure out what really defines success. Success is defined differently in different situations. For example, business professionals tend to believe that success is based upon the salary they make (Pearse, 1). Teachers, for example, look at success through the accomplishments of their students. While there are many different options to define success, in general, “success is getting what you want” (Pearse, 1). Everyone has goals that they want to accomplish. The ability to achieve tho... ... middle of paper ... ... one has the ability to get more back from a college degree than the investment in it. This is not true for high school grads. It doesn’t matter that it has been a struggle for a few college graduates to be successful because “the return to each type of college degree remains well above 7 percent, despite the fact that returns have not grown in more than a decade” (Abel). 7 percent is a great investment because “it exceeds the historical return on stocks” (Abel). Clearly, college is worth the investment because not only will one be able to pay it off, while also maintaining a nice lifestyle, they will be able to be more successful when it comes to choosing what is best for them in the long run. Being able to pick a chosen career yields happiness in the long run. Therefore, a college degree will make one more successful than those who only have a high school diploma.

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