Education is the pathway to success

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765 words

Education gives us the ability to change our life by opening successful pathways. Education provides us a better future because learning new things and majoring in things that we like could give us better opportunity. Education is the right pathway to a better life because it gives us knowledge that would help us in the future. Education should be prioritized over issues because education is always important. Education is a very important need in our lives because people are able to achieve and strive for a better life style.
When I was younger, my parents would always tell me to do good in school and I never understood what that really meant. As I was becoming older I realized that education is very important in my life because most people in my family didn’t go to college and they had to work whole day from nine A.M. to nine P.M. and I didn’t want that to happen to me. My parents had sacrifice their lives to move to America so that I could get an education because in Vietnam education wasn’t free and that would mean the people who had money would have education there.
I’m proud to be in America because if I was in Vietnam I would have done same job as my parents did in America. Education is what had made me become successful throughout elementary to
high school because it had prepared me for college. Back then when I went to school I would just think of school a place where I get to talk to my friends and have fun. I was not gifted and I did not work hard either because school was a place where I felt my parents would force me to go to. I would never had made it to college if I gave up on education because my senior year I felt really lazy and I didn’t know what to...

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...tion is sometimes taken for granted because I feel like I don’t need to learn a certain subject in college but yet I need it to involve in the real world when getting a job. To me education is what prepares me for a career job the people who are hiring looked for the ones that are open minded and can easily work with their surroundings. Education is important in many ways it helps us become better people to be able to show academic skills learn throughout many years of school. I feel that when I’m looking for internships people look for my background and how experienced I am when it comes to programming. I think if I overachieve my education in computer science I could be able to be successful like Reyna Grande on how she was able to pursue her dream career as a writer.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they were not gifted and didn't work hard because school was a place where they felt their parents would force them to go to. their uncle told them not to give up on education because it gave them the right path to success.
  • Opines that they are proud of their parents for giving them the opportunity to be in america to obtain the free education they got through elementary and high school and now they're in college guiding themselves to the right path so they could be successful like their uncle.
  • Opines that education is the right pathway to a better life because it gives us knowledge that would help us in the future.
  • Explains how reyna grade's education helped her pursue her dream career as a writer.
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