Persuasive Essay On Going To College

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Many people as children are told that going to college would be the best decision to make if they wanted to become a successful person in their life. People who missed out on going to college say that they regret not going to college when that had the chance to. At an early age it’s drilled into are heads that going to college is the best choice to make. We are told that at a young age and it follows us till we get to high school. Teachers, parents, and peer encourage us to go to college, if we would like are dreams to come true. Although, it’s shown that students who go to college are able to earn more money than an employ with a high school diploma. What people don’t know is that college requires planning and having a goal set in mind, and we may not have those things plan out and fall short a the finishing line. Despite all the benefit college previse, many college student have trouble pursuit of their goals due to academics problems, working while attending class, and financial problem.
College student find that college is a big academic jump from high school that will require time and planning. Students have hard time keeping up with their lessons due to poor study habits and time management. Coral Carter says that the number one reason that college student’s dropout is due to the fact that “college students are unprepared to
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A college student can graduate from college, but they will have to make big scarifies and build skills such as time management. For college student it may feel as if their dig a hole for themself with all the expanses, but college student have to remember that they are other form of way to pay for college (grants, scholarships, and financial aid).Many of college students will face these problems, but if they are able to pass through the hard task that put before them then it will be worth
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