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I was five years old when I woke up lying under a cat scan in the middle of an all-white room, and in that moment I was assured that my life was about to change drastically. When I reminisce back to that year, the memories that play so vividly in my head are the interview like questions from my classmates and the irritating affection from adults as if I were a tone deaf child. I wear hearing aids because I was born with a moderate to mild bilateral hearing loss, or as I used to say in school “I lost some of my hearing and I am forced to wear these, or else I go to the principal’s office”. No matter what I encounter in life, my hearing loss will remain the continuous obstacle along the way. My parents first questioned hearing loss when they would call me from a far and get infrequent responses.As the concerned parents they have always been, they made an appointment with my doctor who later proposed it was a behavior issue rather than a medical one.Teachers started noticing further signs of hearing loss like mumbling through songs and not following their full directions in only my f...

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