Living With Hearing Impairment: Reflection

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For this assignment, our class was instructed to spend two to three days with impaired hearing. To do this, I obtained some regular green foam ear plugs and wore them while going about my daily routine. The plugs gave me a decent 30dB loss in my “mid” and “upper” frequencies. At first, I did not see how it would be possible to walk around with ear plugs in all day. I started to think what my other instructors would think, but being an audio arts and acoustics major, most hardly batted an eye. Truthfully, I thought I would put my plugs in when I wanted to jot notes down for my journal, but that was not the case. My ears became acclimated to the loss and I could keep them in for most the day. The purpose of this exercise was to reinforce the point our professor had been teaching us all semester; living with hearing impairment is possible, but incredibly challenging. Day One: I started on a Monday and put the plugs in before I started my morning routine. I forgot to prompt my roommates on the assignment. While…show more content…
My instructor had informed us about people with hearing impairments and disorders, but I never thought much about it. After this assignment, I realized how hard it is to have your hearing impaired. I had the luxury of being able to take out my plugs and fix my impairment if I became to overwhelmed or stressed. Those who are impaired do not have such luxury. I did not expect as much of a psychological element to this assignment as there was. There were times where I felt anxiety stirring inside of me. I became anxious if I missed something. The first day back with un-impaired hearing was memorable. I kept thinking to myself how hard short conversations would be if I was impaired. Moving forward, I have a better grasp of what hearing impairment really is and how hard it is to live with. I will be more conscious of my hearing because I never want to experience fulltime
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