Cold War Dbq

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Nicole Rivera May 10, 2016 Period 3 DUMB WAR All wars are dumb. The Soviet Union as well as Amerikkka are both dumb. They're in this constant immature battle. Always spreading propaganda to brainwashed naïve and gullible people. How did this beef start? After World War II, the United States and the Soviet Union decided that they in fact aren't best buds. That's is when the lame Cold War started. All because the Soviet had a dictator, was communist and the U.S. was democratic and capitalism. The conniving Soviet Union were on a mission on spreading their ideas and foundation. Some American foreign officer working in Russian sent a telegram to help the U.S. respond to the Soviets with containment.(Doc A) Containment basically means…show more content…
On June 27, 1948 the United States began to airlift to western Berlin; ending on May 12, 1949. Joseph Stalin had callously decided to halt all roads that connected western Berlin with the democratic countries to the west. (Doc B) That freak Stalin wanted to scare western countries like England and France. Why? He thought it would drive them off into oblivion and away from western Berlin. So that the great and wonderful communist country of his can take over. It was a dumb act of expansion. The United States responded by airlifting food, clothes, and other goods to keep western Berlin alive for one year. In total, they apparently flew about 270,000 planes full of supplies. Outrageous. (Doc B) But hey, it helped damn communist from spreading over there. I guess you can say that was…show more content…
Fidel Castro achieved some successful "revolution" back in 195. What can it be? A communist government in Cuba. Then three years later sneaky Soviet decided to install missiles capable of perfectly hitting the United States east coast. Luckily the US spy planes found all the annoying missile sites. After that about eight days later the U.S. announced a blockade of the island. (Doc D) A whole war was prevent because the Soviet Union miraculously didn't allow their weak ships into the quarantined areas. October 28, 1962 the SVs removed their missiles from Cuba. Once again, this showed you an example of containment. The U.S. indirectly defeated the Soviets and vetoed their damn
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