The Pros And Cons Of The Cold War

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Following World War II, the United States and the USSR were the only two world super powers left. Because of different economic systems, strategic interests, and atomic weapons the US and USSR entered a Cold War. This war was not a typical war. It was strictly economical and political fighting, there was no physical fighting. The USSR believed that peace would only come from worldwide communism, but the US wanted to stop the spread of communism immediately. President Truman tried to offer financial aid to countries nearing turmoil and facing communism, in order to stop the spread of communism entirely. The United States was successful in that it did not actually fall to communism itself, and that the US was able to partially contain communism …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the us and ussr entered a cold war because of different economic systems, strategic interests, and atomic weapons. the us wanted to stop the spread of communism immediately.
  • Explains that the us implemented the containment policy to stop the spread of communism in europe, including the truman doctrine, the marshall plan, and the united nations.
  • Analyzes how the united states failed to stop the spread of communism in latin america after world war ii. the bay of pigs was an attempt by the us to overthrow castro's communist ways, but it failed.
  • Opines that the united states was not effective in its attempt to stop communism from spreading in asia and latin america.
  • Analyzes how the us tried to end communism in asia, but it was unsuccessful in eradicating it.

After World War II, nationalistic and communist ideas and ways of government inspired many Latin American countries. Dwight D Eisenhower stated, “By the middle of 1954 Latin America was free, for the time being at least, of any fixed outpost of Communism.” In Cuba, Fidel Castro leads a revolution and the communist and him took control of Cuba. Shortly after, he nationalized the sugar plantations, and in response the US placed an embargo on Cuba. In a speech that was heard over the radio and was televised, Castro states, “If they blockade our country they will exalt our nation, because we will resist… We are part of humanity and we run the necessary risks, yet, we are not afraid.” He was willing to do anything in his power in order to continue the spread of communism. The Bay of Pigs was an attempt made by the US to overthrow Castro’s communism, but it failed. The citizens of Cuba desperately wanted to be set free from his communist ways. Some even went as far as making precarious voyages in hopes of reaching the Florida coast. The United States also caught the Soviets building Silos for missiles in Cuba. Because of this, the US and Soviets came near to war, possibly starting World War Three. Everyone thought that once the Berlin Wall fell and the Iron Curtain was lifted, that countries, including Latin American countries, under communist control would soon rise above communism. But instead, communism began to violently spread throughout the region. With all of the desperate attempts of the United States to cease the spread of communism, they were not competent

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