Code Of Conduct In Schools

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It is very difficult to come up with a code of conduct when there are many people involved. Digital pile on is the reason why it is hard to create a code of conduct because many people will add on to what a single person said and even though those people who comment on it means they are apart of it and can be in trouble for saying something. In the online article, Cyber Bullying: What Teachers and Schools Can Do, Caralee Adams state 's, “Schools are struggling to create policies that deal with cyberbullying and the use of cell phones at schools. Experts say banning technology is not the answer, but rather teaching kids to be good digital citizens. When schools adopt codes of conduct, they should apply to activity in or out of school and set…show more content…
Many schools have been sued because the school 's code of conduct were so out of date and could not do anything about kids who were bullied and committed suicide. Schools have no choice but to update the code of conduct because that is the only that protects schools from being sued. There is an extensive amount of harassment happening for the schools to not react too. There is many cases where schools have done nothing to stop bullying and harassment which is nonsense. For example, a girl named Phoebe Prince had been bullied and harassed but the school did nothing about it and eventually she committed suicide which led to the school for doing nothing. Schools need to be more involved especially when students are asking for help but the fact that the school did nothing is just ridiculous and not right at all. Code of conducts need to be very specific about what students could get in trouble for when posting or commenting on social media because what so many people say can really…show more content…
This says that schools were not doing the job of protecting students from harassment and bullying. To stop this schools really need to spend a lot of time creating a very detailed code of conduct and even have students within the schools help give suggestions. There is now way of every stopping cyber bullying and harassment completely but there are ways of stopping most of it. Some schools have already made laws because of what had been experienced in the past such as the, Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights, Logan act, Jeffery Johnston Stand Up for All Students Act and more. What schools could do is teach kids how to be good online citizens and make good decisions on social media since this generation is a generation who lives off of social media.The schools could even have extra curricular classes that deal with helping prevent cyber bullying and harassment or in each class for once a week the teacher could have a discussion with the students about cyber bullying/harassment. With the code of conduct being updated as much as possible and as schools start to educate students about how what to do and what not to do on social media then cyber bullying and harassment could start to be less and less each and every day. Educating the young children could possibly make a difference in the difference because if kids learn at a young age then maybe that could carry in the
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