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Client comment 1: "I have no idea what to do, and I hope you can tell me." I understand it gets frustrating. I wish I can tell you in one quick answer, I believe you have to search within yourself to figure how what it is that is making you feel like you do not know what to do. I can help you explore some options together to get a better understanding of what the right option for you to do. Client comment 2: "My mother thinks I'm making the wrong decision and that makes me so angry. She is always trying to control me." I see that talking about your mother control issues angry you? Maybe, your mother does not know she is doing that, why don't you have a talk with your mother and let her know how it makes you feel.I understand it gets frustrated when someone like your mother who is suppose to be there for guidance and support, thinks that you make bad decisions. …show more content…

I just didn't want to listen to her continuing to nag. Counseling is stupid, and I don't believe it will help me at all."I appreciate your honesty. You feel like counseling is a waste of time? I am sorry you had to come here knowing you felt this way. Let's try talking about why you feel this way and why do you think your wife brought you here? Client comment 4: "I'm going to school, I have a job, and I'm taking care of two kids and trying to make time for my husband. Most days, I don't even know where to

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