The Four Stages Of Critical Thinking

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Critical thinking is a very hard thing to do it doesn’t come easy to everyone, in this class there are six different stages in critical thinking: The Unreflective Thinker, The Challenged Thinker, The Beginning Thinker, The Practicing Thinker, The Advanced Thinker and The Master Thinker. The one I possess is the challenged thinker which mean “Thinkers move to the “challenged” stage when they become initially aware of the determining role that thinking is playing in their lives, and of the fact that problems in their thinking are causing them serious and significant problems”, (Elder & Richard, 1996) this criteria of thinking fit me because my thinking has caused me serious problems in my life such as making bad decision that affects me in the long run. There are benefit and downfalls to this thinking criteria my benefit is I think a lot about my decision I make and how it will affect my wellbeing such as my kids and household all at once. Now my downfall is not thinking with a clear head and sometimes it causes me to make an even bigger mess of my life such as my relationships in my life. …show more content…

My relationship with my mom and I haven’t been right since I started dating my now boyfriend of five years, sure our relationship was rocky before then, but it completely shook when I started dating him. I mean she hated him for no reason at all and we all know as parents when you hate your child significant other it drives to together stronger. Over time I have tried to mend our relationship thinking I can get it back to the way I want it to be and every time it has been a slap in my face thinking that maybe this time will be different and we can finally have a great mother daughter relationship if I happen let her back into my

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