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“Teaching is like crossing new borders; you should approach it like you have something to learn and something to offer. “(Bob Cole, 2008) This metaphor applies to both the students and instructors. Instructors are not solely responsible for providing the classroom with all of the necessitates to succeed. Instructors do need to come prepared daily with a detailed plan of what they are going to teach; but, students need to come ready to participate and be open to learning as well. Both attendees of the classroom should come ready to interact with each other, providing a collaborative and stimulating learning environment. Instructors need to clearly state what they expect from their students on the very first day of class so that there are no…show more content…
“Classrooms that encourage emotional well-being create an atmosphere for both learning and emotional development.” (Bucholz & Sheffler, 2009) The atmosphere of a classroom is detrimental to the student’s behavior. This can simply start with the way they arrange the desks before the class meets for the first time. If possible, arranging the desks in a formation that encourages group discussion, as well as front of the classroom attention will utilize the space in the most effective way. As we learned in lecture, having the student’s desk face inwards towards the center allows them to feel like they are not being directly lectured…show more content…
Creating an atmosphere of mutual respect will result in higher student participation. Instructors should present activities that help introduce students to each other. This can be achieved by having them introduce themselves to the entire class on the first day so that they start to learn each other’s names. If instructors continue to do introductory interactions every day, the students will get to know each other, resulting in a more comfortable classroom perspective. When it comes time to presentations or participate, students will be more inclined and at ease to share because they know their peers and are not afraid of
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