Civil War Dbq Analysis

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The Civil war was associated with succession and slavery, all factors which this dispute entailed. The start of this conflict lied in the territorial expansion which put Americans against one another when debating whether the new states should be slaves states or not. This had questioned the power of the Federal government in comparison to states’ rights, which put the unity of the U.S.A as a nation at risk. With a vast majority of land acquired including the Louisiana Purchase, it was difficult to decide whether slavery should spread further west or not. To determine if slavery should continue or be abolished, the Civil War happened. In Document A “Civil War Trust: Civil War in 4 Minutes ‘Coming of the Civil War’ ” it is stated ‘You have abolition and abolition is what is going to start fueling this war.’ ” The Union always faced problems against slavery, and it was expected there will be a War regarding this matter. The significance of this is the …show more content…

In order for the nation to become successful, they would need to have additional states and a stable unified government. “A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure permanently half-slave and half free.” Lincoln was right when he said that the country would not be able to survive with a government spread so thin, that it constantly fought over slavery. Free states and slave states led to the split of the government for the worse. The significance of this is that Lincoln was trying to abolition slavery, and prove how it is useless and not needed. This relates to the material we learned in class because it shows how slavery had a dissenting impact on the country and the

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