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Throughout our research, we have discovered that circumcision plays a big role in the prevention of sexually transmitted infections. After coming across this article, it became clear that the benefits of circumcision are not widely known, even in doctors and nurses who play a role in performing the neonatal male circumcisions. This article is important to our project because it shows that even though circumcision is effective in the prevention against sexually transmitted infections, along with promoting proper hygiene, 62% of health care workers did not think that neonatal circumcision would help in the prevention of HIV. When looking for an article I used the data base, CINAHL, because our topic relates to nursing and CINAHL is the largest…show more content…
The results showed that only 38% of the 133 people that participated in the study thought that neonatal male circumcision was beneficial for the prevention of HIV; however, of those same people, 65% thought that circumcision was beneficial to the prevention of other sexually transmitted diseases, and 96% of the doctors and nurses knew that circumcision was beneficial for hygiene. These numbers are surprisingly low considering these are the people that are performing the surgeries so they should be aware of the benefits, as well as the…show more content…
This is a non-experimental research design that looks at data from one point in time. Because of this survey, there is no dependent variable that is stated in the study. The independent variable would be the physicians and nurses’ knowledge about the impact circumcision has on the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, cancer, and hygiene. There are a few extraneous variables that can present themselves in this study. Some of those variables would be religion and years of practice. These factors can have an impact on the views of circumcision and knowledge. Due to religious beliefs, a nurse or doctor may be against circumcision and, therefore, not think that it is beneficial to have done. If a nurse or doctor has just started out, and have never performed a circumcision, they may not have any knowledge of the benefits and risks of circumcision. How long the doctors and nurses have been working was presented on a table in the

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