Victor Frankenstein Essay

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Sometimes a human’s thirst for fame or recognition becomes extreme: just like the

case of Frankenstein. Victor Frankenstein wanted to have recognition about his

accomplishments as a young fellow. He venture out into the world away from his native land

Geneva, and throughout this venture he discovered his fascination for the human anatomy. His

idea was to create life, gather human body parts, stick them together and hope to bring it to

life. Frankenstein was successful he brought the “monster” to life; however, his excitement

soon vanished, he felt disgusted and disappoint with his creation. After spending almost two

years trying to create this creature, why was he not satisfied? Frankenstein began to see his

physical appearance and was disgusted. According to his description, the monster was an eight

foot tall man, with yellow flesh and eyes. Frankenstein was so used to seeing “normal” human

beings that he felt that his creation was not perfect, and decided to just get rid of it. The

creature was abandoned and like another living organism his natural instinct was to survive.

When an minorities gain knowledge and social skills, they begin to question authority, higher

education, and those who claim to have a better understating of life; therefore, the “monster”

in Frankenstein is just like a minority, so when he acquires these skills it puts the “creator” in

high alert causing the “creator” to become a monster himself by trying to get rid of the


In our modern society the population is divided by minorities that can be classified by

ethnic groups. This determines their economic status, educational status, and their ethnic

group. In the article Education as a Pharmakon in Mary Shelley’s ...

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Frankenstein is the real monster of this book, he created this blank minded creature

that knew of no “evil”; however, due to the neglect from the “creator” he was left alone to

nurture himself, but due to his place in the society he was unable to fit in, and caused him to

be angry at the world. Although slavery in the United States has been abolished for many years,

society finds ways to categorized ethnic groups to display their intelligence and capability.

However these evolutions can be misleading and make people look bad as a hole. The

“monster” did not belong with the majority, so he was look upon as an “evil” figure. What the

book is trying to display is that people have to be more excepting of others, regardless of their

ethnicity, sexual orientation, and their intelligence. Ignoring this message can lead to turn

people into “monsters”.
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