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  • George Orwell's Animal Farm: Two Legs: Bad, Four Legs: Just as Bad

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    Four Works Cited/   Many great works have been inspired by events in history. George Orwell's Animal Farm provides an unusual outlook on the Russian Revolution and its leaders by using animals to represent their human counterparts. Orwell attacks communist society and points out weaknesses in its government officials. He calls for a close examination of the treatment of Russian citizens and questions whether they have any rights at all. Orwell was careful in his designation of animals in Animal Farm

  • The True Significance of Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins

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    The True Significance of Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins In his review of Tom Robbins' Skinny Legs and All entitled "Through Salome's Veils to Ultimate Cognition", Tom Clark expressed his dichotomy of opinions regarding the author's style and also the author's message. Although I agree with Mr. Clark in several aspects, I believe he overlooked the true significance of Skinny Legs and All. Clark accurately described Robbins as an extremely clever writer, but unfortunately also

  • Hot Legs or Hot Dogs

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    Achieving a thigh gap is society’s latest trend, particularly in today’s youth. The thigh gap has become widespread among social media sites – namely, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. It is through these sites that the concept of Hot Dog Legs arose. Models all across the runways sported thigh gaps, and it soon became an obsession for teenage girls. The thigh gap does not exist outside the world of media. It can only be defined by its online assessors. Of the few places the thigh gap is defined, Wikipedia

  • Comparing and Contrasting E.L. Doctorow's Billy Bathgate and William Kennedy's Legs

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    Comparing and Contrasting E.L. Doctorow's Billy Bathgate and William Kennedy's Legs The many similarities between E.L. Doctorow's Billy Bathgate and William Kennedy's Legs suggest that Doctorow used Legs as a starting place for the creation of his own novel. Certain scenes are so similar that it seems that they did not originate independently. Marcus Gorman and Billy Bathgate had almost indistinguishable experiences while firing target practice and later when Jack Diamond and Dutch Schultz died

  • Essay On Restless Legs Syndrome

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    Restless legs syndrome (also called Willis-Ekbom disease) is a neurological disorder that has been researched extensively, but many aspects of the disease remain unknown. Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is characterized by a strong urge to move one’s legs, including tingly, pulling, aching, or burning feelings when at rest. Patients with RLS may present with a range of mild to severe symptoms (Eisenberg, 2013). Symptoms generally worsen at night when lying down or sitting but can also affect normal

  • Comparing Characters in the Coen Brothers' Miller’s Crossing and William Kennedy's Legs

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    Comparing Characters in the Coen Brothers' Miller’s Crossing and William Kennedy's Legs The movie Miller’s Crossing and the novel Legs by William Kennedy have two characters that have a special quality, which adds dramatically to their characterization. The main character of Miller’s Crossing, Tom Reagan, and the main character from Legs; Jack Diamond shares many similar traits and symbolic equivalence. In particular they had an item that they wore or carried, and this item had the ability to show

  • Management of Leg Ulcers

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    Treatment of leg ulcers Leg ulcerations are a common manifestation of HbSS, although their prevalence varies with geographical distribution. For example, 75% of HbSS patients in Jamaica are affected whereas only 8-10% of South American patients are affected. Potential contributing factors to leg ulcerations are; obstructions due to cell sickling, venous incompetence, excessive vasoconstriction caused by malfunctioning autonomic control and bacterial infections. Furthermore, impaired endothelial function

  • Stereotypical Media Portrayal of Tyrannosaurus Rex

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    speedy eating machine, becomes a social “fact” based on fiction. If someone asked a five or six year old boy what he thought the Tyrannosaurus rex looked like, he would probably draw an angry, large dinosaur with sharp teeth, small arms and long slim legs.  If asked, the same boy would probably describe the T- Rex as the meanest, fastest scariest dinosaurs of all. While fact and fiction aren’t always separated for children,  its interesting that today still as college students we would respond as the

  • Animal Farm by George Orwell

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    then it was all theirs. Snowball started right away showing them the ways of animalism and stating that they were rules to live by. Snowball wrote The Seven Commandments of Animalism which are as follows: whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy, whatever goes upon four legs or has wings is a friend, no animal shall wear clothes, no animal shal...

  • The Missing Evening

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    observed the inky-black sky. This was his favorite spot, his secret spot. Stars shined far brighter here then they did in town, and Jim always felt like he could stay forever. He sighed, and pulled his arms behind his head and stretched out his legs. For some reason this night he was especially relaxed. Either school letting out last week or just one of those giddy days, he didn’t know. It is a wonderful day to be alive. After looking into the sky for a few minutes he saw a falling star. It shimmered