Chipotle Organizational Culture Essay

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Chipotle’s Levels of Organizational Culture
Zihao Gu
University of Nevada Las Vegas

The purpose of this paper is to examine the concept of organizational culture in terms of the levels of culture organizations while examining the overt nature and its performance role in an organization. The paper analysis the organizational culture of Chipotle as a well-established fast-food company with over twenty years of operation. The evaluation of the company’s culture in relation to the levels of organizational culture as researched and detailed by scholars and researchers. Chipotle’s Levels of Organizational Culture
Organizational Culture plays a crucial role in shaping employee and management behavior in an organization.
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The Chipotle organizational culture stands on the foundational concept that each person at Chipotle is rewarded based on their ability to make the people around them better (Schoultz, n.d). A strategic characteristic of the organization adopted in 2005, saw the company focus on creating a system where promoting managers from within could create a feedback loop of better, more motivated and more engaged members of staff (Schoultz, n.d). The characteristic of team effort in Chipotle inclined on the ideal that success was based on success of teams. As a result of the company’s rapid, consistent growth the culture characteristic of career growth is evident and the company is committed to hiring the very best of talent and empowering them for…show more content…
There are three basic levels of organizational culture. (Schein, 2004, p.3) describes the Artifacts, Values and Basic assumptions, as tricky because the data is easy to obtain but hard to interpret. Furthermore, it includes the visible products of the group, such as the architecture of its physical environment; its language; its technology; its published list of values, products and artistic creations (Schein, 2004, p.26). The artifact level of Chipotle’s organizational culture is thereby translated on the nature of its products and creations. Chipotle Company uses high-quality raw ingredients, classic cooking techniques and has incorporated an environment of distinctive interior design ( According to the company’s website, it has integrated features from the realm of fine dining to the world of quick service
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