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Chipotle research paper Steve Ells founded Chipotle in 1994. When the company first opened its first restaurant, their model of business was a first of its kind. They operated a restaurant business that lies between fast food restaurant and fine dining. The management of the company pride in providing the customers with food services in a fast manner without necessarily the customers experiencing the literal fast food services experience (Ragas & Roberts, 2015). According to the company, their services are high-quality fine dining but delivered in a fast manner synonymous with the common fast-food experience. That model of business practiced by Chipotle has come to be referred as casual restaurant business model. Chipotle’s Chief Executive Officer, Steve Ells has been reputed for having started the restaurant chain in a unique way which has contributed to its apparent success over its main competitors. Chipotle business has grown exponentially from when it was first formed with most of this growth attributed to the founder’s control process in the business. When Steve Ells first got into the industry, he acknowledged the need for promoting innovation and …show more content…

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