China's One Child Policy

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The Chinese Republic has over than one billion people. China had a leading civilization for centuries guiding the whole world in different fields. However, in the 19th and the 20th century China suffered form serious problems, which resulted from huge numbers of population. When China was under the leadership of Mao who believed that a strong nation must have large population, the population of China increased rapidly until it reached its double. From one hand, Peng Peiyun, the writer of "One family, one child", stressed two crucial factors, which are over population and being a developing country as drawbacks preventing China form achieving any progress to be an advanced country. According to Peiyun, the only available solution to the problems facing China is to control the population growth. She describes the government's efforts in controlling the population growth by releasing a nationwide family planning program with the advocacy of the "One couple, one child." Peiyun says that, "In keeping with these goals, the state has adopted a series of wide-ranging policies that are implemented by the various strata of government." The government also implanted various policies like education and communication campaigns which also aim at spreading "One family, one child" culture. Peiyun also argues that the states used incentives and disincentives to control its population. She illustrates this idea with a simple example where mothers with only one child are given a longer maternity leave and certain amount of money to help these families raising their only child in good conditions. She believes that that by providing women with knowledge and technical expertise will help in improving their status in the society, which will ... ... middle of paper ... ...d for the government Thus, it can be seen that the one-child-policy had side effects on the Chinese society, which led to solemn results on the people and, especially the female children. The government has to find an alternative solution for this problem because enforcing the one-child-policy is serious abuse against humanity. China should follow in the footsteps of Japan, which is more crowded than China, as it has less arable land per capita. Japan was poorer than China the beginning of this century, however, it managed to solve one of the largest problems in the country, which is negative population growth. Japan solved these problems without enforcing a policy like the one-child-policy. At the end, I think that it's a must for the committee to boycott the Olympics in China in 2008 in order to save the people and children from these sever actions.
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