Children Resilience Case Study

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Edith Groberg, a developmental psychologist, argued, “resilience is importance because it is the human capacity to face, over come and be strengthened by or even transformed by the adversities of life” (1995). Resilience makes it possible for young children to face, overcome and even be strengthened when they are facing challenges in lives. When young children learn to manage difficult experiences, it can make a huge difference to their immediate and long-term success and wellbeing (The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, 2013). One of the educational targets in the Victorian State Government is that children are happy, healthy and resilient (State Government Victoria, 2017). Educators working within Victoria state are to focus their efforts…show more content…
The relationships between children and adults in a learning environment, and among the children themselves, are the basis for building a safe, strong and caring community in which everyone is accepted, respected and comfortable. The warmth and support children receive influence the development of greater social competence, fewer behavior problems and enhanced thinking and reasoning skills at school age (Bruce, Cairone & the Devereux Center for Resilient Children, 2012). Supportive interactions occur when teachers listen attentively and displaying unwavering, genuine care and compassion to children. Young children are full of laughter, stories, anecdotes and simple tales of their lives and they love sharing their life experiences with teachers. Teachers should be aware that young children’s voice should be valued and heard. Garvis and Pendergast (2014) suggested that while young children’s voice is being heard and teachers acknowledge their feelings, reciprocal and responsible relationships are more likely to be built. The art of listening is even more important during times when difficulties are present in a child’s life. Strong relationships with young children provide insight so that teachers are able to provide prompt help when children are facing risk factors in
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