Child Observation Essay

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Part II
Summary, Evaluation & Recommendations
Child Observation Record 1
Date of observation 11 March 2014 Tuesday Time commenced: 8.35 a.m.
Time completed: 9.40 a.m.
Number of children: Whole Class (15) Number of adults: 2
Name of child: Jiang Rui Zhi Age: 6 years and one month
Setting: Preschool Kindergarten 2 classroom
Aim: To observe a 6-year old child’s cognitive and social development
1) To observe and record Rui Zhi’s ability to follow rules, routines and teacher’s verbal instructions
2) To observe and record Rui Zhi‘s numeracy skills in counting forward and backwards from numbers 1 to 5
3) To observe and record Rui Zhi’s social interaction with peers and teachers
Summary of observation:
Rui Zhi has no difficulty in following rules and routines in the classroom. He was able to understand the teacher’s given verbal instructions in sitting at the allocated group table. He could also colour the apples on the worksheet when instructed to.

He has good numeracy skills. He was able to complete the worksheet independently and within the given amount of time. He was able to count aloud numbers 1 to 5 forward and backward. He was also able to point out his classmate’s mistakes as well. However, he was unable to read independently by himself. He flipped through the pages without reading and put the book away after doing so. He enjoys drawing more than reading as observed from the after classwork activity.

He has a short attention span and is easily distracted in class. The entrance of a cleaner into the classroom distracted him from what teacher was teaching. He was also observed to be fidgeting in his seating position, stretching his arms and looking away when the teacher was teaching. He took time to start d...

... middle of paper ... them in March. She might not be familiar with the recommended teaching techniques. As a teacher myself, I can understand that all teachers are constrained by the demands of the teaching job, fixed curriculum and limited time in the classroom. They are probably unable to give individualized attention to every pupil daily. Furthermore, the toys in the classroom were sent for washing as it was discovered that there was a hand, foot and mouth case in the class. That is probably why the teacher is unable to bring in concrete manipulatives for the children to play with. She might also be feeling uncomfortable having me in the classroom.

Overall, I have enjoyed conducting this child observation study. It is definitely interesting for a primary school teacher like me to observe class in a preschool setting, which I previously have never found an opportunity to do so.
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