Muzafer Sherif's Realist Conflict Theory

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Muzafer Sherif received his PhD in Psychology at Columbia University. He taught psy-chology at the University of Oklahoma, and sociology at Pennsylvania State University. He be-came well known from his early lab work, on the auto kinetic effect. The auto kinetic effect (Fi-ne, 2004), was the visual effect that was seen when an individual was placed in a darkened room and was shown a light source. That light source would appear to move, because of uncontrolled eye movements. Although Muzafer was famous for his lab work, some of his most brilliant works were done outside of the standard laboratory setting. Sherif took his work outside the laboratory to test a theory of Realist Conflict within a group of boys. This experiment (Fine, 2004), is…show more content…
This theory (Fine, 2004) states that when there is competition for resources negative feelings will arise. The boys proved this when the competitions for resources came up the tension built so fast and wild the researchers had to stop early. Therefore, Sherif may have been well known for his laboratory work, but he was even more comfortable outdoors. His experiment, that is sometimes forgotten today, leads to a theory that can still be seen as true today.
Child Abuse Effects
Child Abuse is a worldwide issue, children are being abused on a daily basis. Child abuse occurs more often than people think. Child abuse comes in many forms such as: emotional, physi-cal, sexual, neglect, and verbal abuse. In the study by Carpenter, Shattuck, Tyrka, Geracioti, and Price (2011), the reader can see how child abuse can alter the whole way someone looks at the world. Child abuse is a serious problem that affects even the victim 's family or friends. Victims of child abuse show many signs of the trauma they have faced.
First, children who are being abused usually show signs of being fragile. For example, they might not make a lot of eye contact with other people. They are usually unsure of who they can or who they cannot trust. A few common emotions you will see in a child that is being abused are: anxious, shy or even aggressiveness. Children that have been abused show little to no trust in adults and are afraid
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Even if we employ our best techniques to understand the deep workings of our minds, we often fail. We can barely comprehend what our minds do, let alone someone else’s. Psychologists have made bounding leaps in helping us to un-derstand the ways in which this world may affect us so. As such, there is hope that this article has helped to expound what psychologists have explored and what one can learn. Just as found in early developmental physical maltreatment can be greatly detrimental to our growth into adulthood. With such findings, the stress response in adulthood was greatly blunted from early childhood abuse. In a non-clinical gathering of people with minimal understanding of mental dis-orders, early maltreatment is directly linked to a dulled response to a psychological stress finding assignment. Also they have found that intergroup conflict is natural to human nature. Even though each group having no knowledge of the other group, when presented with tasks to do together, the boys still reacted negatively to positive, leisure time stimuli done together. Only when forced to overcome a problem together were they even able to begin to symbolize a whole, working, integrated group. It can even be said that the boys unjustly stereotyped each other into a class based on whether or not they were in a certain group. Each of these instances can and will lead us into having unfair and potentially dangerous and damaging conclusions to
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