Cheerleading: A Dream Of Cheerleading In High School

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Almost all of my life cheerleading was a pretty big thing in my life and cheering in high school was a dream of mine. As an 8th grader I was pretty confident that I was going to make the team; maybe not varsity but I thought for sure I would make JV. I was wrong. I started cheering at age five I felt like I was pretty good. I was tumbling at age eight and that’s when things went wrong I was going for my back hand spring and landed on my head I got a really bad concussion and now I don’t remember my second or third grade years. I don’t physically remember that happening but my mom swears it happened to this day I still have doubts. I continued to cheer I switched teams about three times from Shorewood J&K Elite to Plainfield J&K Elite to …show more content…

It was try out day, I was super nervous what if I mess up the cheer what if I drop my stunt? I went out there did everything right I was certain I had it in the bag. They walked out with the results, I think I read that paper ten times before running away crying because I didn’t make it. My mom came to pick me up I got in the car. I was still crying. I get home run up to my room take off my cheer shoes and throw them at the wall angry at myself angry at the world. I was laying on my bed screaming at this point. Eventually my mom called me down from my room and told me that it was going to be okay and that there were other things I could do in high school like be on volley ball or soccer but I didn’t want to be on any of those teams. I worked all my life just to be told I’m not good enough. I just wanted to cheer. I calmed down and stopped crying when both my parents had told me that they had gotten me tickets for my birthday to go see one direction in concert. Yeah that made me happy but I still felt this void inside of me knowing I may never cheer again. Days went by and we found out there …show more content…

I didn’t care I still tried out. The cheers they had us do were easy the jumps were jumps I was doing in first grade. I made the team. I was happy even though deep down I was upset that I could be on the worst team in history. So as I started on the team, I soon realized that my idiot brother had no idea what he was talking about and it was a good team. I wanted to go back to my old coach so that I could learn how to do a back hand spring because everywhere I went I just couldn’t get myself to do it. Some coaches told me that it might be because I don’t trust them enough to do it. So I had a private class with her before her normal cheer practices. We were working on my round offs and cart wheels when she walked away to go answer her phone I went for my round off and didn’t land right and fell because it felt like my knee gave out. I got up and kept trying. When it was time for her teams to practice I was sitting on the floor in pain doing stretches with the girls thinking maybe if I just stretch it out itll feel better it didn’t I ignored it for a while till I went home and took my shoes off my foot swelled up like a balloon. I could barely walk

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