The Definition Of Entrepreneurship?

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What is entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurship, this is an important role which is the creativity and innovation organization describe that entrepreneur that the ability to start from a small business with under a list of conditions of hazard or risk and unpredictable (1). Entrepreneurship was defined as that it is one of the process that entrepreneur will go and chase after any chances that they can get without considering any resources that they are controlling right now, example like capital, assets or funds as well (2). Well, definition of entrepreneurship this word also can become more directly and openly. Entrepreneurship, are also a process that can turn any ideas into the business no matter the ideas are brilliant, creative, typical or even just an ordinary idea. As long the entire concept is capable of making the business become successful or growing more and fast (3).
Other than that, behavior and attitude of an entrepreneur also can help for trying to determine the chances or any opportunity and provide some thought or plan and put into practice. This behavior and attitude will be complete successfully by individual, group, and usually this all are demand for ingenuity and the willingness to do something never done before that could be risky (4).
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First, entrepreneurs need to have a passion for the business but not just only money. Passion actually had been stems inside the entrepreneur mind and belief that the business will be successful and can be able to influence the other people thoughts or lives. Entrepreneurs always wish, or can be said like is the motivator for entrepreneur to work success, so that they can be remembered and make some differences in other's people lives. Passion is also really significant for these both organizations, which is for profit and non for profit, an entrepreneurial organization. This is just because starting a business is really difficult
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