Chapter 9

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Communicating is essential to any kind of relationship. Teachers and parents need to have a strong system of communication in order for the classroom to run smoothly and for the students to succeed. Teachers often accomplish this type of communication by holding parent-teacher conferences or by sending home letters that communicate what the parents need to know. However, a more effective way to deliver information to parents is to hold parent group meetings. These group meetings will make sure that every parent is getting the same information, they will allow the parents to communicate with each other, and the information gap will hopefully become bridged (Kroth & Edge, 2007, p.126). Parent group meetings not only relay information to parents effectively and efficiently, but they also provide more communication outlets for the parents. At the beginning of the year, teachers should think about these group meetings and when they would like to implement them. The teacher should know when these meetings will be held, the purpose of the meeting, and what information will be given to the...

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