Communication in Education

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Technology demonstrates a vast impact on how well people will think, learn and interact. The development of technology involved in the classroom yields to advancement for communication and collaboration within the educational community. This involvement will focus on each group; students, parents, community and global community. The detailed information in this draft will clearly describe my plans for each group’s engagement in my classroom communication plan, addressing internet security and safety plans that will lead to an education of quality learning.

Classroom communication plans for students are to skillfully create dynamic learning environments, employing an array of exceptional instructional strategies. My plans for students as a first year teacher are to promote a successful communication and collaborative plan. This plan will include a website centered on student’s engagement in classroom activities inside and outside of class. The website will include lectures, notes, study guides, practice quizzes and test along with a student-teacher chat forum. This website objective is to promote strict communication skills and provide collaborative skills. Merging study skills and abilities within the curriculum can be successful through collaborative assignments (Henderson, Rodriguez and Casari, 2011, p. 274). The plan for this website is to give students the option to work with their peers and the teacher by integrating technology within a communication plan.

The internet a very high risk source calls for security and safety plans in educational sectors. The dangers that the internet can acquire poses a threat when technology provides such great knowledge. Education has been impeded by the security and other potential dangers...

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