Challenges Facing International Climate Change Essay

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The Challenges Facing the International Cooperation to Achieve Climate Change. Name: Institution: The Challenges Facing the International Cooperation to Achieve Climate Change. Climate change is due to rises in global warming .This is due to noticeable levels of carbon dioxide emitted through the burning of fossil fuel and human kind pollution .The international cooperation is mandated to address climate change because apart from being caused by countless location found in every country of the world, its consequence will be so adverse, that only with international assistance, the world will fully adapt to further environmental conditions. International collective action on climate change has only been a success in a few parts of the world example Mediterranean Action plan for reducing pollution within the Mediterranean Sea and the Montreal protocol on substances that delete the ozone layer, an agreement that limits damage to the earth’s protective layer of stratospheric ozone. First and foremost, the international cooperation…show more content…
So, why has cooperation on climate change been so difficult to reach? International cooperation depends on many factors. First and foremost, a consensus should exist on the science behind the major climatic change .The empirics of an issue should also be clearly drafted . This implies agreement that a problem indeed exists, and that both the solution and associated costs and benefits have been clearly identified. It also requires structural changes to energy, transport and other economic systems. More problematic is that the benefits and costs of mitigation are distributed asymmetrically over space and
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