Causes Of Internet Privacy

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Adrianna Cordova
Ms. Stormes
English III Pd. 1
10 April 2014
Internet Privacy Issues
Several individuals especially children and adolescents who use the internet are unaware of the potential risk they could be putting themselves in by what they post and say on social media. “There is considerable debate about young people's concern for privacy today, given their frequent use of social media to share information and other content about themselves and others.”(Davis, James, March 2013) Not only can someone be affected by their choices online, but how they interact with other when they are offline. Studies have shown that very few people are aware of their privacy settings or even care about what they are. This becomes a huge risk among children and adolescents due to the fact they interact with friends on social media, and are unaware of the fact that what they post can be seen by others even if they don’t interact with them on a regular bases. The three main causes of internet privacy issues are the lack of awareness of one’s privacy settings cyber bullying, and hacking scams...
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