Causes Of Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is the type of malignancy that is detected in the region of the breast. It occurs when the cell lining in the breast abnormally multiplies and grows. Both men and women are susceptible towards breast cancer, but the occurrence in women is more often as compared to men (Warren & Devine, 2003). Physically it is detected as a mass, lump, mole or a blemish. Some lumps are benign and do not impose health risks. The ones that are malignant can be life threatening if left untreated. The most common symptoms of breast cancer are swelling, redness irritation on the surface of breast. Discharge from the nipple or soreness is also a symptom of breast cancer (Komen, 2012). The chance of breast cancer in women is one in eight. The major risk factors include age, genes and personal factors ("Breast cancer," 2013). Some of the other common risk factors are obesity, hormone replacement therapy, alcohol consumption and fibroadenoma ("Breast cancer," 2013). The most commonly occurring type of breast cancer is Ductal carcinoma in-situ. Self examination and test such as ultrasound or mammography help in the early detection of the disease.
Occurrence in America:
The most common type of cancer in American women is breast cancer. It is estimated by the American Cancer Society that there will be approximately 232,340 new cases detected in America. Moreover, out of these 64, 640 cases will be in Situ non-invasive breast cancer. Regretfully, 39,620 cases will be fatal ("What are the," 2012).

Signs and symptoms:
The most common sign of breast cancer is the detection of a lump in the breast region. It can be either stagnant at one position or can move around. The lump is mostly moveable...

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...d screening of breast cancer. Many preventive health programs have been initiated to spread awareness about self examination. Since breast cancer is a major cause of death in United States, education about it proves as a helping hand. Expert opinions are required to diagnose, treat and manage the malignancy. Cooperation and compliance from the patients helps the specialists achieve the disease free nation. Early detection of the breast cancer is easily treated and often saves the specialist from taking a decision such as surgery. This reduces the suffering of the patient as well as their attendants. Acknowledgment:
The material used in this assignment has been extracted from different databases such as Science Direct, Proquest and EBSCO. Moreover, information was also used from American Cancer Society website and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.