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The body is composed of cells. Normally, these cells divide at a composed and calculated manner. If cells die or are destroyed, the body creates more cells through the division of existing cells. However, occasionally, problems with some cells in the body may occur.
Cancer starts when cells in a part of the body start to grow out of control. Cancer cell growth is different from normal cell growth. Instead of dying, cancer cells continue to grow and form new, abnormal cells. Cancer cells can also invade (grow into) other tissues, something that normal cells cannot do. Growing out of control and invading other tissues are what makes a cell a cancer cell. Cells become cancer cells because of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) damage. DNA is in every cell and it directs all the cell’s actions. In a normal cell, when DNA gets damaged the cell either repairs the damage or the cell dies. In cancer cells, the damaged DNA is not repaired, and the cell doesn’t die like it should. Instead, the cell goes on making new cells that the body doesn’t need. These new cells all have the same abnormal DNA as the first cell does.
(American Cancer Society, 2012)
The purpose of this paper is to describe the diagnosis and staging of cancer, complications of cancer, the side effects of the cancer treatment, and methods to lessen the physical and psychological effects of cancer.
Diagnosis and Staging of Cancer
Cancer staging “…describes the severity of a person’s cancer based on the size and/or extent (reach) of the original (primary) tumor and whether or not cancer has spread in the body.” Staging allows doctors and other medical professionals to accurately understand how far along the patient is in the illness and what treatment, medication, and c...

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... a healthy lifestyle, which can also be used to treat the physical effects of cancer. Methods to lessen the psychological effects of cancer include “psychotherapy, support group therapy and antidepressant medication” (Cancer Complications, n.d.). Because cancer is such a painful illness that has many negative implications on the patient and those who are involved, many who have cancer tend to feel depressed and alone. With the support of fellow cancer patients and survivors, the pain of such a situation can be lessened.
In conclusion, cancer is a disease that has impacted millions of people throughout history and the world. With the assistance of medical professionals; early, professional, and accurate diagnosis, treatment, and mental/ emotional support of family members, friends, and doctors, the emotional impact of cancer can become much more bearable.

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