Cause and Effect of Divorce

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Cause and Effect of Divorce “DIVORCE” – Just the sound of such word in any married couple or children’s ear can cause great agony that can even become terminal. Research and personal experience, has proven that in today's society, divorce is more common amongst newlyweds. Since 2009 the rate of divorce has increased to approximately forty percent, There are three out of every ten marriage that ends up in divorce before it reaches the stage of maturity, and the most prevalent results are – lack of communication and infidelity. A Prominent saying state – “Good Communication is the key to a healthy relationship or marriage”; whether it may be verbal or non-verbal. Many marriages end up in divorce, because of neglecting to communicate respectfully, and positively. Respectful talking is essential in good communication, and at the same time respectful listening is also vital. In most marriages, there’s always a spouse who wants to dominate the conversation and the listener who misinterprets what was communicated and cause a major quarrel. A good compliment every now and again such...

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