Causative Factors of the Spanish Civil War in 1936

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Why did the Spanish Civil War Break Out in 1936?

The Spanish Civil War broke out in 1936 due to economic differences leading to divisions and a lack of understanding causing people to desire change and therefore turning to extremist parties, religious conflicts and differences again dividing Spaniards, the role of the military becoming a radical anti-republic movement due to their desire to squash unconventional change with persistent action, and also politically due to the failure of Primo De Rivera’s rule and the weaknesses in the following governments, a constantly changing governing body and consequently the reforms they put into place. Although most historians agree that the Spanish Civil War did in fact break out in 1936 it is also debatable in the line of thought of Murray Bookchin who describes the Spanish Civil War as a “profound social revolution” that the break out into a hot war was inevitable since the failure of the Spanish Armada and the consequential loss of The Spanish Empire and that a cold civil war had been on-going since then.

The Spanish Civil War broke out due to the political consequences of the failed dictatorship of General Primo De Rivera, the weaknesses in the Coalition Government of 1931 and all other following governments and the constant failures of the acting government leading in strikes and resentment from the Spanish people. General Primo De Rivera’s failed dictatorship led to the emergence of extreme political parties and the need for these parties to counteract the failed policies of Rivera. Had Rivera’s dictatorship been successful then there would have been no weak coalition government and therefore less division and resentment among Spaniards and a Civil War may have been prevented or ...

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...litary’s militant actions and general unrest, leaving Spain vulnerable and Spaniards angry, confused and prone to revolt. It was the combination of all of these which led to the Spanish Civil War breaking out, as just one of these factors could have led to discomfort in Spain but certainly not enough to start a War. All of these collaborative factors ultimately are what led to the strikes and uprisings from the people and it was probably the oppressive way in which these were handled which demanded radical action from some Spaniards, and they happened to be the military. However, in regard to the question the most important factor for the SCW breaking out when it did, in 1936, was the military’s contribution as it was their failure to successfully rise up in all parts of Spain which led to the stalemate that began the war on the date it did.

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