Categorizing People Based On Race, Ethnicity, And Gender

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Discrimination or prejudice is a vital subject in sociology. This owes to the reality that understanding how prejudice and discrimination affects the society enables sociologists to build a favorable living environment for the entire humanity. What is the meaning of these two words? The term prejudice is defined as an incorrect or unjustified attitude towards someone based on a his/her social group while discrimination is the negative treatment of an individual because he/she belongs to a specific social group. Some of the causes of prejudice include race, ethnicity, and gender. It should be noted that even though prejudice and discrimination have negative effects, there are some positive effects of grouping people based on race and gender. This paper discusses discrimination and racial prejudice by focusing on ethnicity, race, and gender. It is critical that race, ethnicity, and gender are associated with several problems. This owes to the reality that categorizing people based on their physical or social grouping could result in prejudice and discrimination. For instance, grouping people based on their race could lead to racial stratification. The term racial stratification is defined as the hierarchical grouping of people based on their …show more content…

Nonetheless, I believe that ethnicity, race, and gender could benefit the society. For instance, the aforementioned elements provide human beings with a source of identity. Through ethnicity, race, and gender, someone can trace the routes of their ancestors and understand their origin. This is enhanced by the fact that people of color can appreciate their origin after understanding that their ancestors were natives of different countries. Gender also makes people live happily knowing that they are male, female, or bisexual. This is highlighted by the reality that people who suffer from gender identity disorder report to feel a lot of

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