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Name: Breaking Time Café
The mission of the business is to satisfy customers’ needs and wants for high quality coffee, delicious nutritious meals and excellent service, and as well as develop new menu items to meet the changing needs and tastes of people who care about what they eat.
Product and Service
We sell and serve a various kind of beverages (especially fine coffee), and food.
The main activity is the operation of Breaking Time coffee shop including storing, preparing, selling and serving our products to our valued customers.
Ideal Customers
Our main customers are students and staff in EIU, guests who visit EIU, and people who work nearby.
Age: 18- 60
Income: Average wages and depend on family.
Company Advantages (Stand Out in the Crowd)
Breaking Time’s is near classrooms and staff offices where our ideal customers can come and enjoy drinks, food and services conveniently. We use high quality coffee bean and blend it at our shop to make sure that it can keep 100% flavor, especially Blend Coffee. The quality and value of the wide variety of light and healthy meals offered in Breaking Time’s that may not be matched by other competitors such as the canteen or some coffee shops nearby. We also provide high facilities and good services for the customers, for example, air conditioning, free wifi and music. On top of that, we make a comfortable environment and a space in which people can take a short sleep in their break time.
Owners and Experiences
All of five owners graduated in different majors from EIU. We have necessary skills and experience to run the coffee shop, respond customers’ needs, and tackle the changing preferences of customers.

Future Prospect
We expect to serve over 1000 cus...

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...he activities and products of the café. It may be take time, but it is the best way to communicate with customers, in particularly EIU students and staff, and to improve the quality of products and services.
We provide several promotional strategies to encourage customers:
• We offer loyalty cards to customers who purchase our coffee frequently. They will get the 10th coffee for free.
• We set discount combos such as a cupcake and a cup of coffee, or 3 cupcakes and 2 cups of coffee to improve sales and encourage customers.
• There are coffee feedback boxes, in which purchasers can contribute their ideas to the café.
• The word of mouth advertising plays an important role in our promotional strategies. We offer presents such as T-Shirts, caps or cups added Breaking Time’s logo and name to people who are regular guests, or contribute to Breaking Time’s.

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