Case Study Of Bhanero Textile Company

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Table of Contents: Executive Summary ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Industry Introduction ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 About Bhanero Textile Mill ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 SWOT Analysis --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Porters Five Forces Analysis ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 11 Conclusion --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 Recommendations -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------15 Bibliography ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17 Executive Summary: Textile industry is the largest manufacturing industry in Pakistan. Bhanero Textile Mill of Umer Group is also one of the major players in Pakistan. This report contains industry analysis of textile industry in Pakistan and shows current status of Bhanero Textile Mill in the light of “SWOT Analysis” and “Porters Five Forces Analysis”. Industry Introduction: Textile industry…show more content…
Umer group has experienced over 32 years in textile market and has gained remarkable market share in local and export market. The textile group comprises of three companies: Bhanero Textile Mills Ltd., Faisal Spinning Mills Ltd., and Blessed Textiles ltd., all three operating both spinning and weaving facilities. Umer group has a total of five spinning mills with a total of 160,000 spindles supported by the latest European and Japanese machinery. The group has three weaving mills featuring more than 530 air jet weaving machines. The greige fabric produced is used for sheeting, home textile and apparel. The weaving mills produce over 6 million meters of fiber every

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