Case Study: Joe Tech And Robust Routers

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Joe Tech will be graduating college with an MBA and would like to join Robust Routers (RR). He believes the company is the right fit for his skills. He spent a summer working at the company and grew to respect his supervisor Leigh Bultema a Product Manager and believes she will be an advocate for him to get the position at RR. In this negotiation between prospective employee Joe Tech and Robust Routers (RR) I will play the role of the Human Resource (HR) Director. As the HR Director my goal will be to hire Mr. Tech as an Associate Product Manager at a competitive salary without spending much of the company’s revenue for enticement to bring him onboard. There were several areas to be discussed such as yearly salary, relocation package, …show more content…

Tech informed me early on in our discussion that he had a competing offer and if I could come close to matching he would choose RR. This showed me he was committed to our company. The negotiations continued before I was able to get a salary amount from Joe. This tactic Joe used in our discussion was for me to figure out if I could meet the salary. Once I knew I was in the ballpark I had power to further negotiate the signing bonus amount. With Joe providing this information it showed he was trying to use a collaborative strategy meaning he had a long term focus, trust and openness (Lewicki et al (2011). Going into the negotiation I was sure Joe would counter offer. My opening stance at the outset of this distributive bargaining would be moderate meaning I would make concessions and comprises during the negotiations to hire Mr. Tech (Lewicki et al …show more content…

The salary of $90K was agreed upon but a reduction in the signing bonus to $10K, and I forgo the stock options allowing to stay at 10K and no relocation compensation. My response would not be any different if employment needed to be secured because this was a fair offer for both Mr. Tech and RR. In this negotiation, we both wanted the same thing and through this mutual understanding, an agreement could be made. As part of my job I have to be able to quickly react to the unexpected situations during a hiring negotiation. It is important to focus on the hire’s body language, facial expressions, and voice intonations for a successful negotiation. In closing, the fundamental process of distributive bargaining is to reach a settlement within a positive bargaining range (Lewicki et al (2011) and I was successful. In this negotiation, both parties were received well and the negotiation was a successful concession for both. As the HR Director I was as able to verbally discuss my passion statements for Mr. Tech to see I was committed with ensuring his success with

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that joe tech would like to join robust routers (rr) after graduating college with an mba. he grew to respect his supervisor leigh bultema and believes she will be an advocate for him to get the position at rr.
  • Explains their strategy for the negotiation was to incorporate into their discussions with joe what they learned from leigh on how happy he was working at rr during the summer.
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