A Career In The Medical Field

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Growing up the son of an optometrist, I saw my dad come home after long days at the clinic. He would be exhausted. I wondered what drove my dad to return to the clinic every day. I did not understand the long hours, the intense studying, and the commitment to his work. A successful career in the medical field takes appropriate motivation and planning. A career in the medical field requires perseverance. Countless hours will be spent studying for exams, shadowing other physicians, and researching. To make it in the medical field it is important to have the right drive. Without the right motivation, the taxing hours of preparatory work would not be worth it. There are two specific reasons that motivate me in my goal to pursue a career in the health professions, a love…show more content…
Careers in the medical field are on the cutting edge of scientific research. New practices and medicines force physicians to stay up to date. I am very passionate about my studies. Pursuing a career that is constantly changing excites me because of the potential for growth and learning throughout. The complexity of medicine also energizes my passion for learning. The difficulty of subject matter permits me to engage my studies and allows me to think critically and creatively. The thinking skills developed during my education will provide me the tools to help future patients. The medical field is unique in that it contains both academic and social components. A career in the medical field, in my eyes, would be rewarding. Physicians have the rare ability to improve their patient’s quality of life. Whether it is immediate or long term, physicians walk beside their patients. In doing so, relationships are formed with those they serve. I am motivated by the relationships I hope to one-day build. Serving others in need provides a satisfaction that inspires me to pursue a career in
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