Career Essay: My Career Goals In Life

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Essay My career goal is to specialize in cardiology or neurology after majoring in biology for my undergraduate years and work with an organization that specializes in either one of those two fields. My life aspirations are to continue to gain more knowledge and excel in a career where I can be financially stable. I love learning; I love it when I learn something in one class and I am able to connect it to the concepts in another class or apply it to life in general. To me, learning is a lifelong process. However, I cannot describe how many times wonderful opportunities were available for me, but I could not take advantage of them because of my family 's financial circumstance. My dad is the only one who works in my family. His annual income can …show more content…

My ultimate goal in life is to help support these students because they are underrepresented minorities, whose parents have never gone to college or do not even know what exactly is college. My students, mentees, and I have struggled to find a support system in the school. I refuse to let future generations of students to undergo the same struggle in search of a support group in an academic setting due to their background. I want to encourage underrepresented students of minority backgrounds from my community to pursue higher education by finding ways for them to flourish. My students and mentees can possibly be future first generation undergraduate college students with encouragement and a support group; I intend to be a part of that support group. I want to help them comprehend that despite of their background, they can participate in college preparatory program(s). I want to help them see that there are ways to overcome the obstacles they have

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