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Life goes on as well as we moving on, in order to live a happy life, money, passion, happiness and the meaning of it are essential keys. Among thousands of jobs and over billions of people, having a career or achieving a job is not only important but also competitive. Therefore, deciding what you are going to become has always been the toughest decision in life. I am not talking about Mozart, who was born to play and compose music, or Cristiano Ronaldo who decided to pursue for his career as a football player at the age of 14. I am talking about me and my just-found-out-career in a couple hours earlier, Nursing. Not everybody loves Biology,.. either do I. I always terrify at those subjects. They are difficult, dry, bloody, and involved to a lot of memorization. A side from that there are tons of reasons that hold me back from becoming a nurse. I don’t like the subjects, I am scared of blood. Despite all of that, I found that it is challenging.When I was in 11th grade I had the passion for chemistry. I like doing all the labs, observing chemical reactions, and combine or calculate the percentage of substances. I always think that chemistry is the most excited class I have ever took besides math, and foreign language. I love traveling as well, so if I ever have a chance, I would choose to go around the world and help people, especially people in Africa, and Vietnam. In 2010 I participated the Red Cross to help seniors living in remote area of Western Vietnam. They lived in poor conditions, eating malnutritioned food without noticing that they were poisonous. I met a little boy there who couldn’t read or write because he was suffering from dyslexia disease, or an old man who cried after he’s given a pair of glasses after years livi... ... middle of paper ..., vision, dental paid by their employers. However a bad side of nursing career is that a nurse only has 2-week-vacation off in a year, and the employers will not even allow her/him to take 2 weeks off in a row, which is inconvenient because there would be totally no way to enjoy a long trip or a vacation with family. However, nurses’ schedules are quite flexible. They can work full time 12 hours a day or part time and work on call alternatively so they can be home with their family when they want. Average sick time for nursing is about 40 hours a year. In California, a nurse may take off eight days straight according to the state plan. Nursing is a demand job currently and will also be in the future. It is sure not an easy job but it has high salary, full benefits, and more important it is a job where compassion and well-respected are essential keys

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