Personal Essay: Pursuing A Career In The Workplace

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I have been in the Navy for about three years now, before I was in the navy I worked at a community center as a lifeguard and swim instructor. I worked full time and went to high school, my motivation for getting my degree is I want to get my degree in business management so one day I can own my own bakery. I came to the goal of owning my own shop from being in the military actually, my I love baking and I love to decorate sweets as well. My younger brother also wants to own his own bakery so even if I don't ever open my own shop I would love to be able to help him on the business side of his shop. I' am passionate about a lot if things, mostly I am a dedicated swimmer and baker, I love to challenge myself and those around me. I am very dedicated to my schooling and when I put my mind to it I …show more content…

My strengths as a learner are I'm quick to pick up new things however I am bad at math. In the past when I needed help with math I asked my dad for help, however when I was at school I stayed late and got one on one help from my teachers. i asked a lot of questions and took great notes. While enrolled here at Colorado State University Global Campus if I need help I can access the Online tutoring help and I can email the teachers and get help from them. I have a great support system, my mom and dad are always a phone call away if ii need help, they are both extremely happy that I have chosen to go back to school. My husband is my support and encouragement while I'm at school or studying. It is important to my family that I succeed in school so I am able to get a great job outside of the military, and its important to me that I succeed in school. As for studying I study everyday, mostly at night when my kids are sleeping. Or I can study during my lunch break. I can study everyday, my study area is in my living room and dining room. My shop is a quiet place to work as well. I'm able too commit at least 2-4 hours a day to

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