Career And Career Choice Case Study

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Career and Career Choices
Structures and Processes that apply to the working world.

Question 1 Marketing – Marketer: the field of marketing is on my list because it plays to my strength of being business orientated and it intrigues my interest of learning the full story of products and aspects of promotion. Art and Design – Graphic Design : I find interest in the field of graphic design because it deals with more than computers but merely the design of elements exposed in daily lives i.e. posters , billboards etc. and it way a person can express one’s self and idea. Tourism - Tourism has always been a field of interest to me for I seek to be wanderlust, I want to travel the world and explore the history, stories, traditions, food
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Moreover the total APS score required for course is 30 however the score for Life Orientation may not be included. UP - Funding a course poses quite a challenge from a new student, my first option would be for mother fund the first few years of studying but my ultimste goal after 1 year or so of studying would be to find a part time jobs that caters my strengths, help me gain experience in the field moreover provide opportunity to help further my…show more content…
As a person deciding on a career can’t base out decision on which careers are on high demand, the careers on parents want us to take for those careers could be the opposite of strengths or interests. So it all comes down to this, pick a job that suits you! In reference to myself, my aim is to study a career that opens multiple doors e.g. marketing field is just the occupation of a marketer but a project manager, advertising consultant the list goes on. Personally, look into the availability of your career and the careers available that match your strengths but don’t base your studies on facts because each fact is based a person

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