Buyer Behaviour Case Study

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Buyer Behaviour
a) The term customer behaviour tends to be an important part of marketing and Kotler and Keller (2011) express that customer behaviour is the research of the methods for purchasing and also disposing of items, services, ideas or experiences by the persons, groups as well as companies to be able to fulfil their demands and desires. The concept of buyer behaviour plays an essential role for company because when they introduce their product or service based upon buyer behaviour of consumer as well as they could change in products productivity based upon the consumer demands as well as desire.

b) There are five stage of the buyer decision-making process (The consumer factor, 2015).
1. Problem Recognition - This step
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Market segmentation helps organisations to focus on several types of customers who observe the total value of goods and services differently from the other (Market Segmentation Study Guide, n.d).
b) To explain behavioural segmentation to my little sister that company target upcoming public event to promote their products because organisation have an idea of many aspects which a customer will take into consideration before making a choice. Therefore customer choices are influenced by his behaviour as well as that is just how the behavioural segments are targeted (Marketing91, n.d). Two variables behavioural segmentation are:
1. Occasions: This term deals with different season to season’s sales of some product, for instance selling of friendship bands prior to friendship day or special discount on product during boxing days. Few marketing adviser are able to find more demand of particular product in the market and develop marketing strategies and policies according to customer demand. An excellent example of this is selling winter cloths during and prior to winter
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