Airline Game: Report on the Simulation

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Contents Question 1 3 Question 2 4 Financial perspective 5 Customer focus 5 Environment and community 5 Internal process 5 Employee satisfaction 5 Question 3 6 Question 4 7 1) Establishing the Mission of the organisation 7 2) Analyze the firms’ environment 8 References: 9 Question 1 Your first decision when running your airline was to choose the sector it operated in — discount, normal or luxury. Therefore, you had to segment the market. How did you do this? As the simulation progressed, did you change your market segmentation? Why? In your judgement, did you segment the market successfully? Why? If not, why not? We choose to operate in discount sector. According to Kotler et al 2013 market segmentation is defined as dividing a market into smaller segments of buyers with distinct needs, characteristics or behaviours that might require separate marketing strategies or mixes. As per the industry data which we were operating we used different theories to segment the market one of them is STP process. In this method whole market is sub divided into different segments based on three activities these are segmentation, targeting and positioning. From the market information in case study we identified similar groups of consumer under market segmentation activity. For example market E had consumers travelling between mini hub to medium city that had a new and growing market. While targeting the market we identified which group of consumers to aim for instance market D had major university and service sectors. Lastly in the product and brand positioning we created a concept so as to appeal the target market by running as discount airline. One of the approaches for market segmentation according to Kotler et... ... middle of paper ... ...mier, EBSCOhost, viewed 27 April 2014. Golden, D., Smith, D. and Deighan, M. (2014). Airline The Strategy Simulation. [online] Available at: [Accessed 27 Apr. 2014]., (2014). Welcome to Ryanair!. [online] Available at: [Accessed 27 Apr. 2014]. Ryanair, (2014). strategy. [online] Available at: [Accessed 27 Apr. 2014]. Johnson, G., Scholes, K., Johnson, G. and Whittington, R. 2011. Exploring strategy. Harlow: Financial Times Prentice Hall. Kapferer, J. 2012. The new strategic brand management. London: Kogan Page. Elliott, R. and Percy, L. 2007. Strategic brand management. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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