Bullying Persuasive Essay

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The helpless , bullied, victim stares at the window watching the school bus leaves with his education as he wishes his tears would take away his agonizing pain. Bullying is when the overpowerment of one person is used to threaten or hurt a victim . Bullying can take place from primary school to college or later, it is a very common problem, especially in school and has a strong effect on children. In recent years there has been a strong link between bullying and suicide. This has caused a debate on how to stop the serious problem of bullying around the world. This topic especially pertains to school children , where bullying is most common. Many people do not understand the seriousness of this problem and it’s capabilities. Bullying impacts substantially many teens and children’s lives significantly. I have a dream of a world without bullying . To do this we can educate people…show more content…
Firstly, some audiences may say that going against the bully will make the situation more complicated , and the victim should tell an adult instead. What many do not realize is by the time the student can tell the teacher the bully has already attacked the victim. In certain cases, bullying can get physical and the victim does not have an opportunity to notify someone. In this scenario the victim 's best defense against the bully is to stand up against him. Bullying is often defined as using superior strength to torment another being. If the victim was to show that he has the strength as well it could potentially help the victim. By the victim standing up for himself the bully knows that the victim will not just take the bully without fighting. In conclusion, by the victim standing up to the bully, the victim will show the bully the he has strength to fight

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