Bullying Persuasive Essay

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Intro to the Issue Bullying is a serious issue in todays world. Research shows that bullying leads to failure in school, physical anguish, poor social/emotional development, and perhaps even death. Not only can bullying affect young in school, but also adults at the workplace. Without the courage of the witnesses to these acts, nothing can be done about bullying. Bullying cannot be ignored, and if it is, it will only lead to bigger problems and will cause more deaths. Without the proper communication and programs we provide, bullying will continue to threaten kids and adults around the World. Help us stop Bullying today. Conclusion Bullying is a problem that desperately needs to be solved. Bullying needs to be stopped at peoples homes, schools, and online. Bullying causes nothing but depression, and possibly death and needs to be put to an end once and for all. When our program is used we will spread the word of the dangers of bullying and why we need to deal with it immediately. With our programs we will allow kids, and adults, to join the fight to stop bullies and prevent bullying altogether. With the use of our programs we can all join together and create a safe bully free world for everyone. Louies Prevention Program People get bullied every day and we need to find a way to stop it or at least reduce the bullying not just in USA but around the whole world. For example, even using other countries or states to stop bullying and find a way to use them into our strategy as well. We need to have a prevention program for kids at a young age so they know bullying is wrong. Make the bullying prevention program a class that is required for school. I personally believe that could be a start to reduce the bullying in the world. ... ... middle of paper ... ...ne where the little girl brought a gun onto the bus, it could have been avoided by having a little adult awareness. We will insure that all bus drivers pay attention and report any incidents of bullying. Teachers will be required to make full bully reports to make sure that they are paying attention and if they are not than extreme measures may be taken. Next in our program, we will start to educate young children all over the country about the severity of bullying in our schools. We will start with assembly’s that will show cases of low self-esteem, confidence, and even suicide. These assembly’s will show kids at a young age what bullying could lead to and encourage them to stick up for fellow peers. Our bullying intervention program will be sure to help kids escape from bullying by identifying the problem, increasing awareness, and setting strict consequences.

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