Effect of Bullying on Society

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Macklemore once said, “Bullying is a national epidemic.” This quote really takes all the types of bullying and classifies it into one category, an epidemic. Webster dictionary defines epidemic as, “affecting or tending to affect a disproportionately large number of individuals within a population, community, or region at the same time.” (Webster.com) This is true due to the wide range of communities and age groups that bullying can really affect. At least one in six students are bullied, whether it’s bullying over the Internet, verbal, or physical. (Nbcnews.com) It all starts in preschool where most students will encounter or become the bullying of their school for the next twelve years, then college, and then even after high school.
In pre-school, teachers have reported that common bullying is not a rare occurrence. (Family.go.com) They constantly notice that the bigger kids of each class figure out that they are bigger and stronger. This causes them to exercise their power for the fun of being the biggest kid at school. What he or she does not understand is that they are creating a foundation for bullying in every student’s life that they torture. This can cause problems in a young student’s life before he or she even gets a chance to really grow up and stand up for him or herself. Being tortured this early on causes issues with self-confidence and emotional stability. This is not only bad, but it becomes a nightmare when society notices that, because of this experience, these students will always be bullied and picked on. The foundation has been set in during pre-school and now the confidence to standup for him or herself merely depends on the people surrounding them. One can only hope that there is a brave soul that will st...

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...decision one makes for his or herself.
Bullying will forever plague schools all throughout the world, and it is important to know ways in which the authorities of a school and parents can help stop the affect that bullying has on society, and keep children’s life safe and happy. A higher quality of life for students will provide them with less stressful lives and prevent many of the problems, such as depression and suicide, which can oftentimes be linked to childhood violence.

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