A Bully Film Review

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Extra Credit: Bully Film Review
Bullying in the educational setting has become significantly prevalent. Children appear to be less restrained as to mean things they say to their peers, as evidenced with cyberbullying where atrocious statements are said behind a screen in anonymity. Bullying can be so damaging to a child which leads them to feel as if there was no escape other committing the act of suicide. Society has long believed that suicide is an individualistic problem, however sociologist Émile Durkheim posed the idea that sociology is socially rooted. This paper will convey the premise in Durkheim’s 1897 work Suicide: A Study in Sociology and relate the issues presented in the riveting documentary Bully, which represents first hand experiences …show more content…

As related by his father, Tyler slowly became socially isolated after some time of being bullied. The isolation was evidenced by Tyler not expressing his feelings to his parents or to anyone around him. Ty was an 11 year old that took his own life after he could not take his tormenters comments any longer. As Durkheim states, these children suffered of infinite sadness, due to bullying. Additionally, they could not continue with the heavy weight of the pain they endured daily which led them to renounce life (Durkheim in Desfor Edles and Appelrouth 2010:134). Egoistic suicide was also evidenced in Kelby, as she stated that she tried committing suicide three times. However the social bonds that her family had is what eventually kept her going (Desfor Edles and Appelrouth …show more content…

As noted with Ms. Lockwood’s, the assistant principle, acknowledgement to the child whose head was slammed into a nail was very dismissive. She responded by saying, “…well I don’t see a hole” while examining the child’s head. Although she later sat down with other children, inquiring about the bullying that was taking place in the cafeteria, it did not seem as if she really had much of an action plan in place (Hirsh, 2011). Another response of hers was “I don’t have any magic” as if magic were the solution to the problem. This is a great example of anomic suicide, in which bullies continue engaging in such behavior because of the lack of regulation by school administrators. This is also a great example of the collective conscious because it shows how the educational system in this particular community functions – which leads to parents having their hands tied. Parents were shown to actively seek help or solutions from the school administrators with no avail. This collective conscious also leads victimized children into thinking that they have no support or that the society around them does not care about their wellbeing, which leads them towards egoistic

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