Brown Vs. Board of Education: Impact on Equality

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In the 20th century, America was very different than the way it is today. Life as we know in this country today had had different struggles. Situations were very different but also more difficult for some Americans. One of these difficulties was racial segregation. Segregation brought inequality to many African Americans in this country and thus unable them to contribute to America’s strive for prosperity and power. And so in the mid 1900’s, African Americans decided that it was time to fight against the inequality that was taking place in their day-to-day life. One of the most significant fights against inequality was one certain Supreme Court case that would rid America of its inequality liability. The Supreme Court case, Brown Vs. Board of Education, impacted the United States socially and economically. It also impacted the civil rights movement. This case changed the way all Americans viewed segregation as the country was dealing with the liability of inequality.

Before the Brown vs. Board of Education, there had been another Supreme Court case that supported racial segregation. Segregation had been an all country issue. This case was the Plessey Vs. Ferguson case in 1896. Because of this case, Blacks everywhere were victims of racism and inequality mainly in the south. This was because in the south, more whites used a lot to justify their actions and beliefs against the black population in the States. One justification used for segregation was the Supreme Court case Plessy Vs. Ferguson. According to Benjamin H. Kiser’s The Impact of Brown Vs. Board of Education; “In Plessy v. Ferguson, the Supreme Court upheld a Louisiana statue requiring equal but separate railway seating for the white and colored races. The majority o...

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