Breast Cancer : Causes And Effects

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Breast Cancer is something that terrifies not only myself but most of the females in my family as well. My grandmother had breast cancer that caused her to passed away early. I have three aunts and many cousins that may be in danger of getting of getting breast cancer. And since most of them live in Ethiopia, Africa the incidence of the disease is higher. It is very important to me to educate myself in the causes and effects of breast cancer as well as the treatment. I want to know what possible treatment there is available for this that might help either me or anyone in my family to fight back and give us hope that we can beat it.
The most common cancer amongst women other than skin cancer is breast cancer. It is known that one out of eight women will be diangnoced will breast cancer in their lifetime. It is estimated that in 2016 an approximate number of 40,450 women will be dead due to breast cancer (ACS 2016). There are two stages of breast cancer which are carcinoma in situ (CIS) and invasive cancer. CIS is the early stage of cancer and invasive cancer is when the cancer grows into the breast tissue and it becomes part of the cancer. It is estimated about 246,660 invasive cancer patients will be discovered and 61,000 CIS patients as well (ASC 2016).
Breast Cancer affects women world wide in developed and developing countries. Even though this affects most women worldwide the occurrence of breast cancer is higher in developed countries while the death from the effect of this disease is higher in developing countries. The difference in extent between countries is somewhat explained by variations in the work of hormone replacement therapy and reproductive design, like the age delivered first child, the number of children, ag...

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...tients with breast cancer (Soylar 2016). As the awareness and knowledge level of women about their chance of having cancer increases, they will visit health care centers earlier where they can receive more comprehensive treatment (Soylar 2016).
In conclusion, seeing first hand what breast cancer can do to a person I have learned to be cautious. Also, through this research I have learned more than I can imagine and ways that will help me improve not only my lifestyle but also my families. I tend to eat healthy and don 't smoke or drink as well as try to exercise but now I can impliment this to my family so that they can do better to prevent this desese. It is shown to me how important it really is to get examined every once in a while and to be more educated in the topic of breast cancer because one never really know if they will get throughout that in their lives.

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